by manny marx

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Diaspora is a concept album which is accompanied by an interactive website @ www.mannymarx.com/Diaspora .

Follow the link, press play, and enjoy.


released March 30, 2016

composition / production / narration - manny marx

narration - bulla fey

mastering - horsehead productions



all rights reserved


Manny Marx Japan

Hailing from NY Manny Marx is a musician/producer based in Japan.

With a vested interest to create music not bound to certain genres, he hopes to discover new grounds with exploration and experimentation.

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Track Name: Arp 87
Europa Team Captain

"I still can't believe we made it."

Europa Team Science Officer

"...I knew what to expect but...it's beautiful."


"I know, it's amazing... how much farther?"


"It should be just a few more meters around the bend of that rockface."


"...what the fuck...?!"


"E-Excuse me-?! Oh my... I can't believe what I'm seeing."


"This changes everything."
Track Name: SNR24
Approaching dock
Another day, another credit.
Never got used to the smell of space... burnt-blood. Metallic.
Lazy rotation around XO5b. Nothing quite like gas giants.
Spherical kaleidoscopes among an infinite landscape. Black. Acrylic.
Were we meant for all this? Metal, right-angles, artificial lights... a sun, a spec in a night sky. Less natural, more numeric.
Credits. Stacking up for that new sleeve.
Immortality, what a blessing for some but to most horrific.
Track Name: Twilight
Sold to the highest bidder one to own them all.
No need for the illusion of capital.
They are the currency.
The value of their life is what rises and falls.
Their bodies no longer their own just another asset just to lose or gain.
Even though their minds are eternal they stay bound to the mundane.
Bound to instincts natural selection keeps them in their cells.
Given the gift of an unnatural heaven they choose time and time again a natural hell.
Down on their knees they praise those who oppress
and in their diligent subservience they kiss the hand
which molests.
Track Name: Vertigo
The busy sky littered with satellites. Too expensive to properly decommission. They meander across the night sky. Like lackadaisical shooting stars.
These city streets crowded with bodies. Too numerous for any form of consideration. They drone on from start to finish back to start again, three dimensional clocks locked in an orbicular rotation.
At the precipice.
A misstep away from the event horizon. Living on the edge of three dimensional space.
The loss of mortality breeds recklessness. This inheritance breeds arrogance.
Decadence is a virtue when there’s nothing at stake.
On these gamble streets
Where can an ancient get some kicks? After centuries of experience.
Still itching for that fix.
The writhing bodies. Temperature rising. Tonight it all boils down to this. Forget contemplating the secrets of the cosmos. We’re just prisoners to primordial licks.
Track Name: Apparatus Hominus
Body no longer a body
Not even synthetic flesh
Hydraulic pumps and gears
turning until
nothing is left
Vices for hands
Emissions for breath
Is this immortality
Is this death?
Track Name: Gaea
Brown eyes.

An un-augmented beauty, such a rarity since the singularity.
Most younger than a couple of centuries are ignorant to what “natural characteristics“ even are. Blues, pinks, reds, varying levels of opacity, hell even ultraviolet 3 and Infrared 7, colors outside of the naturally
viewed color spectrum. Crowds’ colors akin to an oil spill, gone are blushes and tones of humanity.
But not her. Once called a “brunette” with skin the tone of the Earth’s soil… born perfect by the lucky roll of the genetic dice…
Yet on a distant moon orbiting a hot jupiter in some shitty-unprofitable star system towards the center of the milky way.
sip my generic alcohol rehydrate and watch her work behind the bar.
As she toils away for one tenth of a credit after another.
The reddish light catches droplets of sweat running down her neck to her chest.
Working hard serving patrons who resemble machines more than they do men.
Her mundane characteristics leave her all but unnoticed except for an old-timer like me.
She says her parents named her, Gaea.
The irony.
Truly, she is a goddess…
A goddess… but a goddess lost in the stars.
Track Name: Therifts
Track Name: Wanderers
People all over the world are truly one.